In which we exhaust ourselves…

You know how you have those moments in life when time itself seems to speed up and, suddenly, the deadline that you’d been oh so comfortable with is looming large and angrily on the horizon? Well, our guest bedroom has been one such situation! 

Pretty much since we moved into the new house Nathan has been saying to me “Leigh’s coming to stay on the 2nd of July – the room will be ready for her, won’t it?” To which, of course, I kept replying along the lines of “Yeah, chill out! It’ll be fine!”

Cut to the morning of June 30th when I’d only painted one wall and some woodwork and the panic started to set in! So for the last three days I have worked (well, in fairness so has Nathan!) like to dog to get everything finished (it’s still not – who needs curtains anyway!). Leigh’s aeroplane lands in about 2 hours and I have literally only just downed tools! Talk about cutting it fine! 

Anyhooo… I’ve painted, wallpapered, varnished, waxed, scrubbed, screwed and sanded myself to exhaustion and now I’m pleased to show you the results…

The walls are papered in Prestigious Textiles’ Polka Dot (Chambray)…

The door and woodwork are, as you know, in Farrow and Ball ‘Cook’s Blue’…

The bed is a second-hand pine jobbie that I painted yesterday in Annie Sloan ‘Original White’ with ‘Cook’s Blue’ accent… The cushion is, of course, from Cath Kidston, while the rabbit is hand-made by me (you may have seen him before!)

Hanging on the edge of the bed is this darling little trinket from Nathan’s work colleagues in celebration of our new home. The map shows our new home town! Cute! 

To avoid completely over-powering the room we left one wall white, but that looked a little stark at this stage without having anything at the window, so I unpacked some of our blue vintage glassware to fill the void a little…

Now all I need is some storage! 

Still – at least Leigh will have somewhere to lay her head. Lets hope she doesn’t mind the smell of fresh paint! 


More Soon


MR xxx



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