In which the changes keep a’changin’…

Dear Readers,

Can it really have been almost a month since last I wrote? I really must apologise, but, you see, my thoughts have been almost entirely consumed by the new house! I write lists that never get completed, contact tradesmen who never return the call and lock myself away for hours at a time in small rooms with only paint fumes for sustenance and a step-ladder for company… but…. I think we are finally making progress. 

The first room to get any of the Mothers Ruin treatment was the master bedroom. I wanted to find some semblance of normality here as rapidly as possible, especially for Nathan who is juggling the demands of a busy job, a home renovation and my continually waving paint charts and wallpaper samples under his nose. The quicker, I thought, that I can get some proper clothes storage and a relaxing place to sleep the better….

Finding somewhere for Nathan to at least get a clean shirt for work was pretty easy. I came across this compact walnut wardrobe within days of moving in and wasted no time in having it delivered (a terrible quality of image, but there you go!)



Unfortunately, with the whole house still in disarray, the wardrobe got here (the bottom of the stairs) and no further. Having a wardrobe in the hallway (not to mention a dressing table, trunk and several boxes of clothes on the landing) is almost as enjoyable as having to hang an old bed sheet at the bedroom window at night time inlieu of any curtains. I feel like I’ve found myself in an episode of The Hoarder Next Door.

Nonetheless, with some effort, plenty of time and approximately 72 telephone calls to ‘Dear Ole Dad’ per day (he’s a DIY whizz!) I’ve managed to complete about 75% of the new boudoir! The big reveal will come later when I’ve finished everything and ‘dressed’ the room, but in the meantime I can give you some tid-bits. 

We picked (or rather, I actively chose while an exhausted Nathan simply nodded agreement with a weak smile and glazed eyes) this wallpaper by Graham & Brown…


With such a strong art deco print I didn’t want to completely overpower the room or make it too busy, so we opted to do a ‘feature wall’ on one side of the room and stick with a toning matt emulsion for the remaining walls. We tried several tester pots of paint from a few different manufacturers and eventually settled on ‘Sung Blue’ from the heritage line by Craig and Rose. This shade was a green/blue colour that kept quite a high level of light in an otherwise darkish room. However, after 5 hours of painting I was forced to call Nathan (and Dear Ole Dad, of course!) to bemoan the fact that this paint was actually on the bluey side of green/blue and I no longer thought it was suitable! Who’d have thought, eh? What’s the world coming to when you buy 5 litres of ‘Sung Blue’ paint and it turns out to be….well… Blue? With a hasty trip to the shops and lots of advice to just ‘make a decision’ I went for Farrow and Ball’s ‘Breakfast Room Green’ and, having completed two coats, I am MIGHTY pleased that I changed! There is no mistaking that this new paint is green! It has that whole 1930s vibe going on and I feel Like Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum are going to turn up any minute for a scotch on the rocks and a game of billiards…

The skirtings and door have been painted a light cream and I’ve slowly started going through boxes to remind myself of all the treasures that I’ve collected over the years and to pick which ones will find their forever home in this room. Rewarding as it is to shape a completely tired room into the stylish space that one desires, having spent so many long and laborious hours stripping, preparing and painting I really wanted a small and, more importantly, concludable project. With my sewing machine and stash still in storage I elected to work on a chest of drawers instead and spent a very enjoyable afternoon transforming these vintage white drawers…

 …into these cream, distressed ones! I wanted them to match the colour of the new skirtings and door (to this end I used the same paint!) but the decision to distress them simply came from a desire to add a bit more texture to the room. At the momemt everything looks very clean, matt and ‘fresh’, but I want the space to have a more homely, lived-in feeling…

With a little sugar soap, some sandpaper and both dark and clear wax it didn’t take long to achieve the look I was after…

Anyhow – that’s some progress for you and I’m already starting to think about the next room! Exciting, no?! 

I’ve been quite restrained in terms of purchasing prowess recently, though a recent trip out did throw these so-horrifically-bad-that-they’re-good 1970s heavy lined curtains in my path. A mere £4.00 for two! As usual I’ve no idea what this fabric will become but, rest assured, eventually they will be used! (I kinda like the idea of a little shift dress for my Niece!)

In other news Nathan and I attended his works Spring Ball a couple of weeks back. I’ve no pictures of the night itself as I was far too drunk to remember how to work any kind of camera equipment (luckily I avoided embarrassing myself or Nathan ((who was just as drunk!)) and apparently proved quite popular with some of his colleagues! Wahey! Get some red wine down me and apparently I’m much more palatable! Go MR!) I’m not quite sure why I’m doing this to myself, other than the fact that everybody always complains that they can never see ‘us’ on the blog, but you can have some teeny tiny shots pre-alcohol induced stupidity…

Judging by the state of those pictures perhaps it wasn’t ‘pre’ after all…

Whilst I have the opportunity I’d like to say ‘good luck’ to a couple of friends who are in the third trimester of their pregnancies (not long now!), ‘well done’ to a chum who has finally started following her dream despite all of the hard work it entails and ‘congratulations’ to another reader who recently married in a secret New York ceremony (very celebrity-esque!) 

And finally (for now!) I’ll leave you with a few snaps that I’ve taken out and about in the local area. Can you see why we love it here so much? 

Until next time 


MR xxx






One thought on “In which the changes keep a’changin’…

  1. Jenny says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallpaper! I’m sure my mum had those curtains…..
    You both look so happy, great stuff! X

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