in which we share some news…

Ok… So the big announcement! Some friends and family will already be aware of this but for those that aren’t….


 Yippee! After all of those years spent dreaming about having the opportunity to create our own home in a style that truly reflects who we are as individuals we are now just days away from collecting the keys to our new abode! I actually can’t believe we’re finally here and the whole thing has taken on a bit of an air of the surreal.

After lots of false starts and soul searching about what would be right for us, Nathan and I eventually decided to take a look at a place that had not, initially, struck up much interest for us. Lo and behold (I’m told it’s always the way!) we found ourselves totally bowled over by this under-dog of stone and put in a bid almost immediately. The rest, as they say, is history. Of course, I’m sure now, dear readers, you will understand that not an awful lot of interesting stuff has been happening in the MR household save for lengthy conversations with solicitors and agents – thus blog posts have been pretty few and far between in recent weeks. Given the immense amount of work we have to do to transform the house into something more suitable I think there will be plenty of opportunity for blogworthy titbits about the redecoration and renovation process! Mother’s Ruin has already joined pinterest to start collecting style ideas (I know – MR and the 21st Century! Who’d have thought?!)

The house, then, is a 3 bedroom cottage in Auchenblae built circa 1900. It features a HUGE expanse of garden (very overgrown!) with 3 stone built outbuildings (pretty much derelict!), fantastic views over the rolling hills and a wealth of internal period features – open fireplaces, panelled doors, cute sash windows with deep windowsills etc Best of all – Nathan is managing to shave almost 50 per cent off of the commute… And BEST BEST BEST of all there is an extra room downstairs that is going to become… Wait for it… My SEWING STUDIO! There will be space here to house all of my craft books, my sewing machine and cutting table and all of the piles of fabric and yarn and thread that I’ve collected over the last decade. If I have room I may even squeeze in a nice wing-backed armchair to snuggle in – I’ve a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time in there! Also exciting was the realisation that I will finally have enough outside space to keep some chickens! We are totally going to be the new Tom and Barbara (outdoors at least – I’ll still retain a little of Margo and Jerry inside!)

I’m almost embarrassed to share too many images with you all – the house had been sadly neglected and needs an awful lot of work done to it. Luckily, we’re up for the challenge and have money left in the budget for some of the bigger things. For now, you can have just a couple…


The House (and yes – it will be re-painted as soon as possible!)

And the view…

Now you’ll have to excuse me – I’m off to ‘pin’ some more wallpaper samples! 


More Soon


MR x x x 


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