In which we catch up and spend, spend, spend…

Ok – so it’s been a while, but look, I just can’t help it! Sometimes life just gets in the way! 

Last week Nathan and I took our first trip back ‘dan saaf’ since we came up to Scotland in October. I’d have mentioned this sooner only Nathan was keen to surprise some old friends and didn’t want to them find out we were heading down via the blog. We had a manic 4 days – catching up with friends, spending time with family, drinking too much wine and eating too much cake. You know how these things are…. 

I’d intended on being a super-dooper extra-organised blogger and whizzing off a fantastic post on the aeroplane on the way home only….well….the first time I thought about my blog (sorry dear readers) was on the aeroplane on the way home. Thus, after an action packed weekend traversing half of Surrey and Hampshire the best I could come up with at such short notice was this….

Inspiring, isn’t it?! 

On the plus side, I did manage to score a little vintage loot in some charity shops whilst we were away. 

There was this Royal Doulton trio in Coppice (well, actually it was a ‘quadruple’ as strangely had an extra side plate). I’m told this was produced between the 1930s and the 1960s but, despite its age, still seems to be pretty common and ‘available’ so hoping to find some other pieces… Now i’m living ‘in the shire’ I simply have to have pheasants and stags everywhere – it’s compulsory!

In addition, I picked up the latest if several old soda bottles. It’s a bit of an odd thing to buy, I guess, but I do have a plan for them! When I finally have the bathroom of my dreams I am going to have a whole shelf on the wall, perfectly positioned to catch as much natural sunlight as possible, and it is going to be full of all of my coloured antique glass bottles in rose, green and blue, soda cannisters with their solid necks and aged branding, and decanters filled with bath oils…. Delightful!

My parents gifted me these printed napkins that they’d found on their travels too…

…whilst my Sister gave us heaps (and I mean HEAPS) of goodies that she’d been collecting since we left! It’s lovely to treat yourself to nice things, but so much nicer to recieve them as gifts and be reminded of the gift-giver each time you look at or use the item.

Today we were up extra early to go and enjoy a ‘family’ walk along Nairn beach…

Once we were done and we’d gorged ourselves on an extremely unhealthy breakfast (don’t ask) we took another trundle along to one of my favourite places on the planet. Yep – you guessed it – AULDEARN ANTIQUES!!!

And here, of all places, I finally struck vintage gold! My dear chum Zola and I often joke about unearthing a fab piece of vintage barkcloth in the back of a junk shop or charity shop (rather than spending a small fortune on ebay to purchase a piece from somebody else who was lucky enough to come across some) but I don’t think either of is ever expected it to happen. Today it did! Look!

I was, quite literally, astounded when I picked this up from the shelf in the first place. Dumbfounded when I opened it up to discover that it was immaculate and intact. Words failed me when I looked at the label – £2.00 – and all I could manage to do was punch Nathan heavily on the arm and grin like an idiot….

Sorry Zo….

I also picked up a set of 8 deep green linen napkins, 13 (weird number) hessian printed placemats and a toning crocheted motif. I’m not sure what I will use these for, but I love the colour palette and it makes me smile to add them to my stash…

Finally I was glancing through some old books stacked against a wall when this publication from 1955 jumped out at me and begged to be taken home…

Ahhhhh! Bless this house indeed! 

When I actually stop buying random piles of ‘stuff’ from up and down the United Kingdom then I may be able to return with a more interesting blog post, but until then…


MR x x x


2 thoughts on “In which we catch up and spend, spend, spend…

  1. Zola says:

    Just kidding;-) The hunt is over! You won the challenge…and what beautiful colours. Looking forward to see what you make from it xx

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