In which things are changing…

I always used to be a real ‘winter person’ – I loved it; thick jumpers, scarves, buckets of coffee, pulling the curtains early and snuggling up to watch a movie with that faint whistling noise as the radiators fill up with hot water…. Recently, however, I must confess that I have become hyper-aware and hyper-excited that we are on the cusp of spring. Perhaps it’s because I’m now living in the country and can appreciate these things, but everywhere I turn I seem to find a celebration of the seasons… Each time I step outside the door I am greeted by the chirruping of birds, these little beauties have sprung up all over…

The sunshine is reaching dazzling heights and shows every inch of the landscape it touches in pure, technicolour brilliance…

And even when we do find ourselves subject to a little rainfall it gives rise to these…

Last week yet another friend came to stay with us for a little R&R and we had a fab time! Honestly – I’m convinced that we socialise with people far more now that we are 600 miles North than when we were just around the corner. 

(A little aside at this point – she brought with her a message, nay REQUEST, from a reader who shall remain nameless – “the blog is good to read, but can it include a bit more about Nathan from time-to-time?” Err….. have you not realised by now that it IS all about me, HAS always been about me and WILL CONTINUE to be all about me? Nathan did describe my personality, right?)

We managed to tick another walk off of our list and headed out on Sunday to enjoy a stroll around Loch Kinord…

Crafting wise, I’ve not really managed to get an awful lot done (again!)…. I thought I would be super-organised at the tail-end of last week and cut out the fabric for lots of different projects in an effort to get more done overall. This hasn’t quite worked as expected, so instead of having piles of neatly folded fabrics in my sewing area I now just have a big, untidy pile of smaller pieces of fabric which the cat is enjoying playing with at regular intervals! I HAVE made a couple of purchases however… Completely necessary items, of course….

I mean, who could live without this 1970’s pattern for a Mens Patio Jacket that I found on ebay?

More exciting still was this genuine 1950’s barkcloth fabric, completely intact, off the bolt and still with selvedges… I bought 6 metres and received 7 and a half… Maybe the seller was stupid, but I prefer to think she was just plain kind….

 Look at the texture….

Look at it!!!! I know taste is a personal thing (some would say that I don’t have any!) but that was, like, the holy grail of ebay fabric finds…  I am totally making some curtains from this at some point – which lucky person is going to sleep in my guest room and pull them first?!

The greatest change that we are about to embark upon will, for the moment, remain a mystery as I don’t want to jinx it!!! Given, however, that it takes rather a lot of time, effort and energy I’ll wrap things up for now.

More soon


MR x x x


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