In which we have snow AND sunshine…

Before we begin I’d like to take a moment to dedicate this post to my dear friend, Zola, who contacted me this week to explain that her lovely home in Surrey had been flooded and that she was unfortunately going to have to move her family into temporary accommodation for several months. Trust me when I tell you that Zola is, without doubt, one of the kindest, most optimistic and all-round lovely people you could ever hope to meet and she certainly doesn’t deserve such poor luck. She did, however, make me chuckle to myself when she text me the following:

“You’d have been proud of me, Mark – my vintage lamps and crochet project were the first things I rescued”

What a trooper! Keep your chin up, Zola. We’re thinking of you!



On Friday evening we had the first real snowfall since our arrival in October. We’ve had short bursts before, but they didn’t amount to much, certainly around Aboyne. Nathan was his typical child-like self and insisted (at midnight!) that we dashed outside to … well, I can’t actually remember what phrase he used, but it certainly didn’t involve a snow-ball fight, which was the ultimate outcome…

Ahhh – it was like our white Chrismas had arrived 6 weeks late…

 Our weekend continued to focus on the weather today, when we woke up to discover that we were bathed in bright sunshine and overlooked by piercing blue skies. In an effort to make an effort, the Mothers Ruin household recently invested in this title:

We’ve set ourselves a nice little challenge for 2014 – to work through all of the walks in this collection. We figure that we’ll enjoy both the health benefits from the regular exercise (there are some 30 odd walks here, the longest of which is 9 miles) and gain a greater understanding of the county that we’ve moved to. We undertook the first walk this morning – a five and a half mile trek through the old pines of Glen Tanar. 

After parking we crossed the road and over an arched stone bridge, before following the fenced path to the right…

We passed a herd of sheep…

And the old chapel of St Lesmo…

At the crossroads we continued straight on…

Until we reached Knockie viewpoint, whereupon we sat for a few moments to enjoy our stunning surroundings and take some silly photo’s of Bruce and Denny…

Afterwards we continued along the track which ran parrallel with the Water of Tanar and through gorgeous pine forests with fern and heather ground cover…

Crossing over another old stone bridge, we reached the farthest point of our walk and began to circle back round toward the car park…

2 hours and 20 minutes after we set off we arrived back at the car and headed home for a late shower, some lunch and a log fire….


Now we just need to pick the next one! 


Dear God! Am I becoming ‘outdoorsy’?! 


Heaven forfend!


MR x x x



One thought on “In which we have snow AND sunshine…

  1. Zola says:

    It was almost worth the flood to have a dedicated post;-) Went yesterday to the house and the skirtings have come off the wall, the floorboards and joists are wet and the house stinks. On the plus side, I’ve always hated the skirtings so hopefully will be able to replace them with a moulded skirting and replace the pine floor with oak. Managed to save my bureau to:-) I almost felt a bit vintage myself as can you believe they’ve got all the vintage fire engines out of Brooklands Museum and they are patrolling the streets along with the army. Feel a few victory rolls coming on….

    Your walk reminds me of the time you tried to meet me in Savil Gardens;-) xxx

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