In which a craft club is born…

Regular readers of TFMR may have noticed the online conversation that began in the comments section of a recent post about the possibility of arranging a get together with some local like-minded people, so on Tuesday evening this week I freshened up (not having to don a suit and arrive at an office every morning has, apparently, rendered me incapable of using a razor more than once a week! I don’t really think too much about it until I glance in the mirror and am shocked to find that I look like something from Harry & The Hendersons) threw myself into the car and, collecting Nathan en-route, headed for Woodend Barn to meet Cath and Jenny. 

I must confess, I was a little nervous about meeting up with total strangers. It felt exactly how I would imagine blind dating feels! I soon settled however, with a quick look at the menu (food, of course, can make ANY situation bearable!) and by reminding myself that Cath and Jenny were bound to be lovely and have impeccable taste because, well, they read my blog! I’m pleased to report that I was quite correct – they were both lovelyJenny has an interest in all things sewing and fabric and completely puts me to shame having hand stitched (yes – HAND stitched) a multitude of projects in a very short space of time since attending a quilting course, while I have simply sat around talking about it! Cath on the other hand is a true ‘wooly’ team member with an interest in fairisle, indeed – she seems to love colour/colourwork full stop and, like me, has certain colour schemes and shades that she struggles to break away from! She is currently teaching herself lace knitting too!

I’m not going to give you a blow-by-blow account of what we got up to – suffice to say we are hoping to increase our numbers (kinda leaving this to Cath and Jenny given that I can count the people I know in Scotland on the fingers of one hand!) and meet up regularly to enthuse about our respective interests, share tips and advice and, with any luck, teach one another some new skills…. I know Nathan intends to take his spinning wheel along, but given that I dabble in most things I’m struggling to pick a first project! HOWEVER…

Having spent some time with Cath on Tuesday evening, I am starting to wonder if I ought to go for a knitting project to start with. I feel kind of, I don’t know… ‘re-inspired’? I used to knit prolifically, but I guess I got swayed by sewing because it can be so much quicker to achieve a result. Moreover, it’s not really necessary to concentrate too much when whipping up a quilt or something similar, whereas I’ve always found knitting to be a much more engaging activity in terms of brain power – I can’t do anything more complex than stocking stitch in front of the tv without missing whatever it is I am watching… As a consequence, over the years I’ve either stuck to boring, straightforward patterns, or packed my knitting away entirely to catch whatever it is I’ve tuned in to see…. I guess my thought process is this – even if I just knit for a couple of hours at craft club (we haven’t come up with a name yet!) every week then at least I will keep some momentum going, however slow it may be. Thus I turned to the piles of magazines that I have at home to decide what I may like to knit. I subscribed to The Knitter for about three years but became frustrated with a) the lack of mens patterns included and b) the fact that the majority of those that were published were just plain dull and/or unfashionable. After going through three years worth of 13 issues per year I found only 5 patterns that really got my juices flowing (don’t get me wrong – for female knitters I would say this is the best magazine on the market, so don’t hesitate to pick up an issue!).

Here they are:







Anchorage and Henri are very similar to a cardigan that I already own, so I’m a bit 50/50 on them, but then they are very nice garments… Rochester too is a bit of a question mark for me – I love the shape, the collar and the waist tie… but I think I’d feel self-conscious wearing such a bright cardigan (and I’ve made some shocking errors of fashion in my time!)

What do you guys think? Should I commit to one of these projects? I’m a relatively slow knitter, so this could be weeks and weeks of work ahead of me! 

As you can see, I’ve not completely shaken off that ol’ devil indecision!

Whilst we are on the subject of knitting and before I wrap this post up, I’d like to draw your attention to Gill of Artisan Threads who is also based up in the Scottish Highlands. Gill happens to be my ‘almost Mother-in-Law’ (I know – lucky cow! *Wry smile*) but I am not biased in telling you that she also produces an exceptional range of knitting yarns, fleece and fibre, often hand-dyed with natural dyes. If you are not a commitment-phobe like me and are considering diving into a new project, then check her out!


That’s all for now – but soon, please….someone, anyone….God?….. Help me just pick a project and get going on it…. I have the crafting equivalent of writer’s block and it’s driving me crazy…..


More soon


MR x x x 


5 thoughts on “In which a craft club is born…

  1. Tracey says:

    Glad to hear you are dusting off your Kate collection & blasting some Cloudbusting out to the neighbours.
    Lovely to see Nigel settling in with the girls!
    Hope to meet you soon x

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