In which Mothers Ruin has a secret…

I’ve not been able to post anything for the last few days because I’ve been keeping myself busy with an exciting ‘top secret’ project! Oooooohhhhh! 

Unfortunately, I still can’t share any specific details with you, dear readers, but suffice to say that I was both thrilled and flattered recently when I was asked to be a test sewer/sewist on a couple of projects for a new book by a well-known organisation in England. I’ve already completed one project and submitted the relevant feedback/evaluation, but I’m still only part-way through the second and my deadline is tomorrow! Argh! 

It’s actually surprisingly challenging to stick rigidly to a set of instructions and not go ‘off-piste’… Usually I make my own tweaks or alterations to a pattern. 

Apparently I’ll get a wee mention in the acknowledgements section of the book when it is published! What can I say? Fame at last! 

“Alright Mr DeMille…. I’m ready for my close up….” 


One thought on “In which Mothers Ruin has a secret…

  1. Zola says:

    Shhhhhh. You got two projects?? Can’t wait to see your name in the book!! Got some exciting things to tell you myself. Will drop you an email xx

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