In which Mothers Ruin has a near-death experience…

Well I hope you are all ready for a truly disjointed varied post! I will try my hardest to find the common thread amongst these disparate snippets of news (can I really call them news?!) but you may find yourself with whiplash (Topical! Wait a moment!) as we lurch from one thing to another! 

I finished the cushion that was recently commissioned and it was well received. So I’m told, anyway, as I was not there to present the finished article in person! I was given quite a loose brief – the customer wanted a heart shaped cushion to celebrate her daughter’s 21st birthday. She’d seen some cushions I’d made from upcycled denim, so she wanted a contemporary look with lots of denim and some embroidery (name/initial and age) on the back. I feel like a bit of a fraud in some ways because, whilst I was working on the design and pulling chunks of denim out of my stash, I came across those leftover pieces of patchwork from the chevron cushion and decided to incorporate them into the piece? Is it wrong to re-use leftovers, do you think, when somebody has asked for a bespoke item? I just thought it broke up the denim perfectly and was definitely in the ‘contemporary’ category (although I was secretly pretty pleased that I managed to smuggle a little vintage fabric in there too in the form of a white cotton sheet!) 

Anyhooooo – here it is. The customer paid and I received a text message to say that she ‘loved it’ so I’m guessing all is well, fraud or no fraud…

I’ve not really made anything else recently, although every time I go into a bag or box I find a half-finished project languishing inside. Today I found this tapestry – I’ve never done one before (well – still haven’t really as there is plenty left to do!) and they seem to take ages (not just because they spend months and months being ignored inside plastic carrier bags) considering how little technical skill is involved. This is a Cath Kidston design and I love it for all its floral kitschiness!

Maybe I’ll get it finished one day…

Speaking of florals – Nathan is home from Copenhagen today so I’ve spent the last 24 hrs re-stocking the fridge, cleaning the house and making the place feel as homely as possible. As such I threw out the VERY dead roses that had been adorning my china cabinet for the last week and replaced them with these…. (There’s no story here, of course, I’m just sharing them with you because, well, who doesn’t love flowers?!)

Buying them for one’s self does kinda tarnish the experience a little, but he’s hundreds of miles away right now (but getting closer) so we’ll let him off…

I also wanted to share this image with you that I took on a recent trip to Aberdeen…

 This has nothing to do with anything (I told you this blog post would be clunky – I bet you feel like a yo-yo!) but am I the only one that thinks that ‘Dandara’ are completely bonkers (and a disgrace!) for not only knocking this church down in the first place, but also advertising themselves beneath it as the exposed foundations gently crumble and slide down the bank?! (I apologise profusely to Dandara if I have completely mis-read the situation – they will probably turn out to be working on a restoration project and I will just look like a fool….) The world has gone mad…

There really is no way I can make a smooth transition from destroyed church to ‘the weather’, but seriously, HOW BAD has it been recently? I don’t think it has stopped raining for the best part of a week. I wouldn’t mind so much, but now that I’m running my dog walking/pet care business I have to actually go out in it and trudge through miles of sludge! Every which way I turn I come across scenes like this…

 (Bizarrely, I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned here that I was starting my own business in this field. Seems very silly given that a lot of you, dear readers, are local to me and may have need of my services! Allow me, then, to shamelessly plug my new business for a second!)


Get in touch via the blog if you or anybody you know require dog walking/pet care services. I’m fully insured and have previous professional dog handling experience, not just the personal experience gained from owning my own prized pooches! 

To return to the weather (and the title of my blog post) I was amazed at my own bad luck this week when a couple of friends and I unwittingly selected the only 2 hr period of snowfall for goodness knows how long to be on a car journey through the hills…..

After smashing the front of the car (I was a passenger by the way and this is not my car!) into a very large, very solid fence post, we slid smoothly and silently through an open gate into a farmer’s field and there waited, freezing cold, to be rescued! By the time we got home a few hours later the snow had all but disappeared! Everybody was fine and nobody got hurt, but old Mother Nature – what a bitch! 


More soon


MR x x x  


2 thoughts on “In which Mothers Ruin has a near-death experience…

  1. Zola says:

    Oh my goodness. Thank god no one was hurt. See, if only you had your steering lock – it may have prevented it;-) Chortle chortle (private joke). No seriously, glad all ok. Love the cushion – sounds like your crafting is taking offxx

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