In which Mothers Ruin is left alone…

As predicted, Nathan’s departure for Copenhagen last weekend signalled the start of a very quiet period within the MR household (well – kinda!) Having lived pretty much ‘on’ the runway at Heathrow airport for several years before relocating in October to this wee slice of heaven known as Aberdeenshire I am used to having a little more background noise! Not foolish enough to let the opportunity pass I have now spent an entire week indulging in all manner of musical guilty pleasures! I can now recite Donna Summer’s Macarthur Park word for word, as I can K.D. Lang’s entire Ingenue album (who I am kidding? I wasn’t that far off to start with!) Indeed, even as I write this I am merrily ‘bopping’ away whilst my Whitney Houston Live DVD plays back at great volume! And later I’m pretty sure I’ve got a date with Randy Crawford….

I would love to tell you that I have spent my free week out exploring, but unfortunately it is simply not in my make-up to consider going out alone these days! Nathan tells me that he had to go and eat in a restaurant by himself on his first night away – just the notion makes me feel ill! I think I’d rather starve – I would be so self-conscious! Anyhow, I spent my time instead working on another rabbit doll! I thought Emilia deserved a mate and I derived a surprising amount of pleasure from sewing the first one. I thought I’d make some changes to the design this time and just see how things turned out, so this one is made from upcycled denim and stuffed much more rigidly. I also added an extra gusset to widen the head and lower the ears…

I used my trademark vintage fabric (an embroidered tray cloth in this case) for the inside of the ears and to make the jaunty little neckerchief!

I designed a completely new wardrobe this time around and put the rabbit in a nice pair of hickory stripe denim cropped trousers and a dark denim top. The slightly ‘nautical’ look was unintentional, but I kinda like it! 

One of the women that runs my local Post Office is a former interior designer and shares my passion for fabrics. I was lucky enough to be asked if I would produce a few things to pop into their premises for customers to browse and purchase and, given that stamps and envelopes aren’t much competition in the excitement stakes, I obliged. My little bunny friends are, therefore, no longer residents of the MR household, but Aboyne P.O. Still, I’m sure they will be very happy! 

I also whipped up some little ‘love tokens’ ready for Valentine’s Day and was thrilled when one of them was purchased the moment I got it out of the bag! 

AAhhhhhh….. “Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…”    

Stop it!

(And yes – this picture is supposed to look like that! I’ve discovered some of the ‘filter’ settings on my photo suite and was trying to be arty! Photography is not, needless to say, my strong point!)

I also took a few cushions that I already had made down to the P.O. and this, in turn, led to a commission, so things are definitely looking pretty good on the crafty front…

Now that the word seems to be getting out that I am obsessed with vintage fabrics (I use that phrase SO often on this blog that I may just have to start abbreviating to VF or something – it is starting to lose it’s meaning!) I am receiving all sorts of lovely little tips and bits of advice telling me where the best places are to scout things out etc. As if this wasn’t generous enough, on Monday I was also the lucky recipient of this…


I’ve no idea what it’s final incarnation will be, but hello – FREE VF! (see what I did there!) 

I think I’ll leave it there for today – I do have some other small tidbits of news to share, but given the wild, rock and roll lifestyle that i’m currently living I think perhaps I ought to ration! Besides, I’m not sure you’d all cope with that level of excitement! 

Hoping that your week has been more interesting than mine,


Much Love

MR x x x 


11 thoughts on “In which Mothers Ruin is left alone…

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the bunnies, they’re so sweet! I’m kinda local to you and always got to Megs Attic in Banchory for material and also get carried away online! I’m relatively new to quilting but have quickly become obsessed so would love any tips on other great fabric sources nearby! 😊

    • Hi Jenny! I’ve been to Meg’s Attic a couple of times – she has loads in there! I found it difficult to get the right width bias binding from her though (and YES I AM too lazy to make my own!) I guess fabric sources depend on your aesthetic – I like using Vintage textiles and upcycled fabrics, so charity shops, antiques centres, Magpie etc are all good places to have a root around for me. I’ll chop up old curtains, clothes, blankets…. Whatever I can get my hands on. If, however, you prefer to buy modern fabrics then I think online sources are probably the best because they offer the greatest variety and are usually priced competitively because of the lack of overheads associated with running bricks-and-mortar shops. When I get a second I’ll drop you a list of my top online places to shop… You may be able to help me too – do you ever ‘get together’ with other quilters, or attend events? I know there is a really strong crafting community up here, but I’ve not heard about any knitting or quilting clubs, get-togethers etc etc. Much as I love writing my blog, I was hoping to connect with other crafters a bit more than this allows! MR x

  2. Zola says:

    You do make me laugh! Another great bunny. Especially like your use of the word “jaunty”. Hope you’re not missing Nathan too much. Sorry I got cut off yesterday. Had a rare 20 minutes of peace and quiet that I could talk on the train and the signal was bad. Typical. Did I tell you I bought a Vintage Bureau. £25!!! Bloody bargain. Just thinking whether to Annie Sloan it…but kinda getting fed up with the chalkyness of the paint. Was thinking Elephant’s Breath (F&B) but that would involve undercoat. What’s your professional opinion?? xxx

    • Professional? Ha! Where are you going to put the bureau? I thought you’d already been gifted a load of arts and crafts furniture? Or are the kids now sleeping in a tent in the garden?!

      Totally understand about the Annie Sloan paint – I’ve come to the conclusion that AS should be used for paint effects and distressing only. Achieving a good finish with it otherwise is quite difficult. Elephants Breath is a nice shade though.

      Do you definitely need to paint it? X

      • Zola says:

        I’ve just sold my desk to Mel next door and it’s in place of my desk. Working from home has its downsides – one being that I keep looking at all the rubbish on my desk and thinking about work!. Bureau will allow me to close it away. You’d laugh but only this morning Pheebs said that I was turning the house in to an old peoples home!!! Don’t think vintage is her style;-) Mel just looked at the bureau and also said do I need to paint it. Will put it in position and send you a pic. It’s oak so dark and the room is dark anyway so thought it needed brightening up. THe only thing I didn’t consider is that I can’t push the desk chair under the bureau when it’s closed so not sure what I will do with seating. Might now have to buy a Captain’s chair……tragic;-)! xxx

  3. Jenny says:

    I never thought of curtains-I’m rubbish-haha! I did a quilting course at Megs, and we’re due to meet up again soon with our finished wall hangings. I know at least one of the ladies was keen to meet regularly. I’ve a couple of chums who sew and silversmith and they sell their amazing produce in various local shops and at fairs. I was hoping to get involved in “get togethers” to give me inspiration and handy tips. Not sure if you see my email address when I comment but if not feel free to shout. Always available for tea and cake and quilting!!!

  4. Jenny says:


    Saw your comment about the bureau and hope you don’t mind a suggestion. Have you thought about stripping it? I’m a furniture finisher (mostly French polishing and lacquer) but we also use two other finishes. One is a liquid hard wax called Osmo Polyx-Oil. Hard wearing, you just rub it on and wipe it off. Two coats and you’re done. My preferred one is Sanding Seal. You paint it on, sand it back with fine sand paper, reapply a couple of times, finally cut back and wax. It’s so smooth and feels amazing. I just love oak in its natural state! Just a wee alternative to paint!

    • Jenny – where have you been hiding yourself all this time? An interest in quilting AND furniture expertise?! I think tea and cake are most certainly in order! I’ll drop you an email and we’ll put something in the diary!

      M x

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