In which I introduce you to Emilia…

Now I know it’s been a while (the messages I’ve received asking where the hell I am were a subtle reminder!) but I’m always loathe to post when I’ve nothing major to report. This week has passed in the least interesting of ways and we are on the cusp of Nathan’s departure for a 2 week business trip to Copenhagen which means things aren’t set to get much more exciting for a while either… 2 weeks… Goodness knows how I’ll cope with that. We’ve not spent more than 4 days apart in the last decade (well, 9 years, 10 months and 3 weeks to be exact, but you get the idea)…

Still, as the fog descended into the valley and eradicated my view, I decided that I was going to have some fabric fun! 

And the fruits of my labours? Well – let me introduce you to Emilia…

Emilia is a 30cm tall rabbit doll with HUGE floppy ears and a wardrobe made from upcycled embroidered vintage linens…

I don’t recall having ever sewed a stuffed animal before, but I loved the challenge and can see why people get addicted to making them! You can go mad with as many little details as you want, like this little heart-shaped button holding the pinafore dress closed at the back…

Childish? Well maybe, but I love her! 

Not content with chopping up so few linens I decided that whipping up another cushion would make a bigger dent in my stash. I opted for a straightforward design of patchwork squares with solid white borders on either side to emphasise the rectangular shape of the cushion. 

As you can see I also embellished it with a mis-matched selection of vintage buttons (well, they’re modern buttons based on vintage designs actually, but let’s not be pedantic!)

Not bad for a days work…

And alas – that’s all I have to tell you right now!  


More soon


MR x 


2 thoughts on “In which I introduce you to Emilia…

  1. Z says:

    Are you sure you didn’t buy her?? She looks absolutely PERFECT. She’ll have to breed like a rabbit and you can sell a few! Love the cushion too. Have you found an outlet yet for your makes. Check your email xx

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