In which we share a walk…

Writing a blog is a bit like waiting for the proverbial bus – sometimes there is nothing to post about at all and then several things come along at once! Now, strangely, is one such time of surplus, so you may well be treated to/forced to endure a multitude of posts in the next few days! 

Today, though, I wanted to take you on a little walk along the coast. Having been entirely uplifted and re-invigorated by our little trip to Braemar, we decided to spend the following afternoon taking a coastal walk (We’re getting very ‘outdoorsy’ in Scotland! I fear Nathan is but one step away from suggesting we buy a tent… ((NEVER going to happen!!!))) We hit upon Montrose mainly because I knew it wasn’t an overly long journey for the dogs, though I had no idea what the place was actually like at all. The little of the town that I did see didn’t exactly set me on fire, though the coastline was very pleasant. I think it is absolutely necessary to, every now and again, go catch a glimpse of the sea. There is nothing quite like the roar of the waves, salt spray on your cheeks and the whole great vastness of the ocean stretching out before you to help put things in perspective and clear one’s mind. 

So here we all are… Take my hand and walk with me a little….


Enjoying this? 

The dogs did too – Denny especially loved chasing sticks into the water and later on a ball that somebody left on the beach…

Bruce (Boo boo) was more concerned about taking in the views…

And just because Nathan thought it was hilarious,  I’ll show you this picture which was taken just seconds before a wave broke behind my knees and filled my welly boots up with water… Delightful *pursed lips*

The scenery on the drive home wasn’t too shabby either… 

 So there you go! Food for the soul, huh?

In crafty news (though I’ve barely done any in the last week or so with all of this exploring!) a little treat that I ordered for myself arrived today… 

This has been hanging around on my Amazon ‘wish list’ for at least a couple of years now, but other titles always seemed more appealing somehow and so I never got around to purchasing it… Now that I’ve pledged to have a more productive year of crafting, however, there was no excuse not to start exploring techniques that will make my quilting more manageable and more speedy. I’m not a fan of wrestling great swathes of fabric through a domestic machine anyway, so I’ve always tended to ‘hand-quilt’ my projects. Wonderful as this can look, I’m keen to develop my freemotion machine quilting skills too and love the idea that I can make a whole bed-sized quilt in cushion-sized chunks and then follow the techniques in this book to join them all together almost invisibly. Aside from productivity and skills, I’m also hoping that this book can render my hobby a little more of a social activity – no more hiding in another room under metres of wadding, instead I can relax in front of the TV with the rest of the MR household and continue stitching. Well…. That’s the plan anyway! I’ll let you know how I get on…

 Of course, if there are any talented quilters out there reading that wish to share any top tips for machine quilting on a domestic machine or other methods of making a whole quilt more manageable in general then do not be afraid to get in touch!

(Much) More soon,


MR x x x


5 thoughts on “In which we share a walk…

  1. Zola says:

    Stunning scenery which sure beats Bedfont! Can’t believe you had a dry day. Been awful down here. Fence came down all together!! Chickens everywhere. Andy got me a Make-A-Way kit from The Makery in Bath for Xmas. It’s a stags head – if I can’t live in Scotland, I can bring a bit of Scotland to Surrey! Decs all down and back to work on Monday. Can’t believe it’s all over :-(( Off to Marlow again to get some Annie Sloan Paris Grey. Let the painting begin…..! x

  2. Ah – I’m very fond of Marlow after our last special outing together! And what better reason exists to go, beyond going on an Annie Sloan pilgrimage?! I was BEYOND thrilled to take our decorations down and we’re already in discussion about avoiding Christmas completely next year and going abroad! Sorry to hear about the fence but did chuckle to myself as I imagined you running around the garden trying to catch the chickens! Happy New Year, dear Zola x

      • Away all christmas, down south. Not touched clay yet as busy unpacking, getting kids back into school/nursery routine, trying to find homes for all the new presents and so on. All good but can’t wait to get into studio… prob not until next week tho. Hope you had a great time too.

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