In which 2014 arrives…

I must confess that I’m quite pleased it’s all over! Having endured the Christmas tree for over a month, having spent far more than we could afford on things we probably didn’t need, having rubbed my chest through a fortnight of permanent heartburn brought on by too much rich food and too many drinks and having done nothing but watch rubbish TV and slouch on the sofa since Saturday morning, it was rather a relief today to get up and find that the 1st January 2014 was finally here! Things can get back to normal! Wahoo! 

We’ve got a friend from London who came up to join us for a few days, so we decided to go off to Braemar today for a breath of fresh air and some lunch. The drive over was absolutely stunning, so we made a couple of stops in order to a) appreciate the views and b) take photos to share with all of you, dear readers! 

This was the first place. I’ve got a thing about bridges anyway (doesn’t everyone? Bridges and churches!) but the dark water bubbling like treacle over the rocks below and the noise this produced just added to the charm! 

We got the obligatory ‘arty’ shot and then one of Nathan being a wally some man I’ve never met before…

I dashed back up the river bank to take a look at the view from the bridge and was pleased I did as I came across this plaque giving a little bit of information about it’s history/construction…

A little further along the road was another wonderful feat of engineering, this time in stone. I’ve no idea what it is, but it was definitely worth running (walking fast and breathing heavily) back for to get a quick snap as we were unable to stop the car here…

On and on the scenery whizzed past…

Until we arrived in Braemar! 

Cute, right?! Just like something from a Christmas card/Dickens novel! We just needed some snow, a few top hats, a woman in full crinoline and some street urchins running alongside a horse and carriage….

I was disappointed that most of the shops were closed, especially when we came across this one that seemed to be full of vintage treats…

To cheer ourselves up from the distinct lack of retail therapy on offer, we trotted into the pub for lunch and a wee pick-me-up. The Fife Arms building was taken over by the war office in 1939 and used as barracks. (Just an interesting little fact I’m regurgitating from a tourism street sign, of course – I’m not a local historian or anything as you all know!!!)

The light began to fade pretty quickly, but before heading for home Nathan did allow me to do a quick dash round a couple of the little churches (see what I said – bridges and churches! Who doesn’t like them?!) while he waited outside to greet me with poor jokes about ‘finding God’….

In crafty news, I decided during my niece’s recent visit that the cardigan I’d started knitting for her was probably going to fit for all of 3 weeks before she outgrew it, so I frogged the little I’d done and went on the hunt for a garment that could provide a little more longevity of use. I’ve settled on this one from Ravelry by designer Tora Froseth…

I love the neckline on this and the substantial length of stocking stitch will still really showcase that self-patterning yarn I got (Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch) Beyond this, though, there seems to be a suggestion that the garment will grow with the child, transitioning from dress to vest top. More wear for your money – what’s not to love?!

I also carried on hacking up my randomly pieced stripes, if you remember those, and re-stitched to create crazy chevrons. I’ll blog about this properly once the project is finished.

And finally – I’m determined to have a more productive year in terms of crafts and creativity so have been busily compiling my list of must-have makes for 2014. At the moment it is running rather impossibly long, so you’ll have to bear with me whilst I edit it somewhat! More later…

I hope you all had a suitably enjoyable New Years day and have kicked off 2014 in your own special way. 

I’ll dash off for now – Nathan put a beef joint in to roast while I caught the end of The Sound of Music (reminds me of long weekends with my Nan and singing along to her old vinyl record together as she did the ironing! ‘The trolley song’ from Meet me in St Louis was another particular fave!) and so we’re having hot baths, dinner and a pyjama party! 

It’s all very rock and roll in the Mothers Ruin household! What else would you expect?!


MR xxx



4 thoughts on “In which 2014 arrives…

  1. Bex says:

    Doe a deer a female deer………I switched the tv on just as this was on and had exactly the same memory of our beautiful dear nan singing this with you
    happy new year to you x

  2. Beautiful scenery and lovely old buildings – thanks for sharing the photos. As soon as I saw the first one I thought it looks like what we have here! (West Coast of Canada). Then, of course, the rest were completely unlike anything I have ever seen here!

    Maybe I should get off the couch and stop eating my baked goodies and go for a walk too! I am inspired!

    Beautiful knitting too! I tried knitting a scarf once, it was narrower at the beginning than at the end! Very frustrating! I think I will stick with sewing! 🙂

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Thanks for the comment and HNY to you too!
      Trust me – there is nothing wrong with spending your time on the couch with baked goods! You shouldn’t let that one experience of knitting put you off forever – it can be a very rewarding hobby and would be a great compliment to your sewing skills! I’m happy to help if you ever decide to pick up the needles again – we could be kntting and sewing pen pals! I enjoyed reading your last post and seeing all of your planned projects. I look forward to seeing the finished garments! MR x x x

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