In which we almost meet an Oscar winner…

So it’s nearly here! Are you stressed yet?! Wondering why you’ve done it to yourself AGAIN?! Mmmmm – same here! 

I’ll keep this one brief – I’m sure you’ve all got far better things to be doing on Christmas Eve than reading about the MR household. Nathan escaped the horror of the preparations (we’ve had it all here including the dogs ((not mine, I hasten to add)) raiding the fridge for half of the Christmas feast only to spend the next few hours cleaning up after them as they gradually threw it all back up again) with a walk around Nairn harbour and along the beach…

I did join him for all of about 15 meters, but the wind was so strong! Still, having my entire face sand-blasted made for an effective and completely free exfoliation treatment. Spa Nature is open for business… 

I, instead, chose to spend my Christmas Eve rummaging through the piles of vintage linens at Auldearn Antiques. With the wind howling through the rafters of the old church building and blowing a confetti of dust and dirt down upon me, I pored over armfuls of embroidered textiles whilst stealing sideways glances at wonderful pieces of period furniture that I knew would never fit into the back of my car (and, perhaps more importantly, would never fit into my somewhat diminutive cottage!) For just over a tenner I scored an old wool blanket (which will probably become the innards of a quilt at some future date), a couple more vintage cotton sheets (obsessive much? I know – but you can never have too many!) two crocheted doilies (I’ve a specific project in mind, but more on this in the NY), and an embroidered tablecloth (soon to be hacked into patchwork pieces! Some may think this is criminal, but when mixed with other linen pieces and mother of pearl buttons it will be sensational, I promise!) 

The heavily patterned piece you can see here has a small hole in it, so managed to get it for 50p! As I’m cutting it up anyway it makes no difference to me, so was rather hoping I’d find a load more in this condition, but alas…. 

And the Oscar winner? 

Whilst making a mad dash around Sainsbury’s to replace the butter, sausages, bacon, stuffing and cat food that the dogs had wolfed down Nathan drew my attention to the fact that a certain Chronicles of Narnia actress was wandering around the aisles. As I ‘casually’ glided back on myself to see if I could catch a glimpse of her, my Mother-in-law stomped past me, tapped Tilda Swinton on the shoulder (for it was she!) and struck up a conversation about some shared acquaintance or another. And there I remained, open mouthed, in the most surreal moment of my life, as Nathan’s mum not only chatted to an Oscar winner, but then squeezed her arm and bid her adieu like they were old friends WITHOUT even pausing to turn and introduce me! 

The world of celebrity evades me again….



Merry Christmas y’all!

MR x x x


2 thoughts on “In which we almost meet an Oscar winner…

  1. Zola says:

    I don’t know what shocked me more – that you met Tilda OR that Tilda shops in Sainsbury!!!!! Aberdeen is the place to be 🙂 Happy Christmas dear friend xx

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