In which we try something new…

‘We’ of course being ‘Me’. I’m not sure how MR arrived at this place where it is necessary to refer to oneself using the ‘Royal We’, but I kinda like it so I’m keeping it! 

Anyway, my dear Sister has been and gone already – wow, where did that week go?! It was harder, actually, to watch her drive away this time than it was to leave her to move to Aberdeenshire in the first place. I guess I had a lot going on before and could distract myself with the relocation plans and a whole host of new experiences, whereas this time I waved goodbye and stepped back into a quiet and empty cottage with nothing to do but wonder how long it would be until I saw her again. All sounds a little OTT to some of you, I’m sure, but my Sister and I really are very close. People so often refer to their partner or spouse as their ‘other half’ but in my case it would be more appropriate to label my sibling as such – she knows me far better and more intimately than anybody else in the world. She is also my greatest friend and soooo easily makes me laugh. She has made me a far better person than I otherwise would be…

We did have a lovely time whilst she was here, though, and enjoyed shopping trips, long walks with the dogs, an early ‘mini-Christmas’ for my niece and lots of chit-chat along the way… Talking of my niece – here she is, Layla…. Isn’t she adorable?! (Don’t let the cute and coy look in this photograph fool you though! She is no ‘soft touch’ and knows exactly how to get what she wants!)

In an effort to avoid focusing on the departure of my family I decided I would crack straight on with a new project, something fresh, exciting and totally different for Mothers Ruin… Indeed, the whole of today has been rather indulgent! I’ve not touched the hoover once (not great for my OCD, but I’m sure the twitching will subside eventually), I’ve drunk far too many creamy coffees with vanilla syrup, I’ve had Toni Braxton and Gloria Estefan screeching the house down all day and covered the whole house in fabric…. but it all felt good!

I actually can’t tell you what I’ve been working on this afternoon, because I’ve no idea what it will turn out to be! I’ve always leaned toward busy prints and florals, but wanted to take myself in a new direction and out of my comfort zone so I opted for a really pared down fabric selection today – a solid purple, a chartreuse polka-dot (LOVE this colour!) and white vintage cotton sheet. It makes me happy to repurpose old fabrics and these things go on forever! I’ve already used chunks of the fabric in a variety of other projects and I’m only halfway through one double sheet… I’ve got a whole cupboard rammed full of them too so plenty to keep me going. (I’m in talks with another crafter to have some dyed with natural dyes – so excited about the possibilities here!)

Like I say – I’d no idea where I was going when I started, but just wanted to get sewing. It’s actually quite liberating to grab some fabric, a rotary cutter and get hacking! So far I’ve split my fabric into random strips and pieced together….

Don’t laugh at me – I’ve not squared anything up yet so I’m well aware that those ends are looking a little ropey!  I’m thinking of attacking these two pieces with the blade again, only on the bias this time…. I think hope that I could eventually end up with mismatched, uneven chevrons…. Well – that’s the plan anyway! I’m working with about a metre of fabric, which has been reduced to 2 FQ’s after stitching. Obviously that will reduce even further, so I’m guessing this will end up becoming a lined tote, or cushion cover…. Watch this space….


In other news – I’ve recently been commissioned to produce something special for somebody special! Alas, as a gift item I am unable to discuss details, but I can post pictures once the recipient is… well…. in receipt! Such a boost when a reader steps forward to put their trust in you and your work…


As we creep ever closer to The Big Day, I’m doubtful about how much time I’ll be able to spend at my sewing machine but with a big bag of gifts still left to wrap tonight I am thrilled to remember that I recorded the Christmas special of ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’….. 

That’s my evening sorted! 


More soon


MR x x x


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