In which smiles abound…

I must admit, dear readers, to feeling somewhat euphoric today! I think it is the culmination of a multitude of different things, but for one predisposed to pessimism I can’t really say I care where it comes from! This asinine grin may look ridiculous, but my facial muscles are enjoying the break from frowning, so I’m just going to go with it! 

Dare I say it – I think I’m actually looking forward to Christmas! This will be the first year in at least 5 that Nathan and I get to spend some real quality time together. I’m not sure how he managed to wangle it so last minute, but he’s now off for over 2 weeks! With the majority of our friends and family ‘down South’ there is going to be little for us to do over the festive period other than eat, drink, talk, create, walk the dogs etc…. Admittedly I’ve just described pretty much every weekend throughout the year, but it’s having that relaxed pace of life for an extended period that is so exciting to me! Like sampling our retirement early! I honestly can’t remember the last time we had such a long time off together with no commitments…

I guess I’m also feeling rather joyful because we seem to have made friends with another local couple and enjoyed an extremely pleasant weekend with them. It’s not often that one feels entirely relaxed in the company of ‘new’ people, and as I laughed and giggled my way through the weekend I realised how long it had been since I’d really let myself have fun… Initially I felt rather guilty for my friends back in London until I realised how foolish it was. I always set myself such stringent and unnecessary boundaries! Why impose restrictions on yourself that have no bearing in reality? Is there a rule somewhere that limits the number of friends you can have at any one time? Does having fun with one person necessarily mean that you love another less? NO! ( I think this is what they call ‘growth’!!! )

My darling Sister arrives today for her first visit since we arrived on October 24th. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing her, so the excitement and anticipation is almost unbearable! We’re going to have an early Christmas and give my niece her presents to open early! We’ve so much to catch up on and I’m just preparing myself for a 3 day marathon of non-stop talking! 

To save myself from staring out of the window and waiting for her to arrive, I decided to go through yet another box of goodies that I hastily packed up from my old workshop. I was thrilled when I came across this crocheted shawl! Who doesn’t love finding a project that is, like, 10 minutes away from being finished?! Why I never got around to those lost few rounds on the border I’ll never know, but after rooting around for the leftover yarn and guess-timating what size hook I’d been using when I last worked on this project (it’s been a while!) it took no time at all to complete…

The shawl is one giant square which, when folded on the diagonal, creates a great voluminous triangle with fabulous drape and ‘swing’! Better still – this is made from 100 % hand-spun British wool and therefore couldn’t get any more ‘local’ or ‘unique’ if it tried! 


It took longer to photograph than it did to finish it! The things us crafters stash away and forget about! 


I know that shawls aren’t to everybody’s taste and can be considered old-fashioned or twee, but I’m rather pleased with this… what do you think?

Another one for the Mothers Ruin shop, however! Certainly not something a chap could, or ought to try, to pull off! 

More soon,

MR x x x


2 thoughts on “In which smiles abound…

  1. Zola says:

    No. You should feel reeeeeeeeeeeeaaalllly guilty. Finding new friends, tut tut. Us “so-called-friends” down south will get Friend Envy;-) Ha Ha. On a serious note, it’s great that you are making new friends (and even letting them through the front door!!) and that you sound so excited about everything. Have a lovely time with your sis xx

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