In which we get Magpie fever…

Let’s see, where were we? Oh yes – I was telling you about Magpie, right?

Well, this pretty much says it all to be fair:

Magpie Shops promote the re-use of furniture, clothes, bric-a -brac and household goods. They directly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites by selling on goods to the community at excellent value for money.

Talk about UP MY STREET! I’m just one step away from skip diving these days! Nathan was a little luke warm at first when we went to investigate at the weekend, but even he got into the swing of it after a while! Obviously there is some total tat hanging around and the obligatory over-stuffed sofa in hideous woven neon aztec print (nice!), but there are also some real gems if you are prepared to have a rummage. 

Given the matchbox-like proportions of our wee cottage it would be somewhat difficult impossible to squeeze a full dining suite in here, but Nathan was really keen to serve meals at the tabe when we have guests so he went off hunting for a piece of ‘compromise’ furniture. We struck gold with a vintage drop-leaf formica table! It’s soooo tiny and very kitsch! If it wasn’t currently sitting in the shed and if it were not currently p***ing down then I’d show you a picture. The same could be said for our set of folding chairs tht we also found lurking in the corner on Saturday! I can, however, show you my favourite score of the day! Check out this little darling…

Sure, the green PVC seat is revolting, but for the £2.00 it cost, a little Annie Sloan paint (I’m thinking Paris Grey) and a contemporary Scandi print fabric to recover the cushion I think it is amazing! In fact – our whole car boot full of loot only cost 16 quid! Bargainous! There are a few more of these stools back at Magpie and I’m debating going back for the rest. How cute would a set of three look in the hallway all painted the same colour, but with different fabric coverings?! The perfect place to perch whilst putting shoes on! 

Nathan and I also made our annual Christmas cake for his new team at the office. I’m not quite sure how this tradition started – last year I spent 7 hours decorating cakes that I knew I would never get to taste! This year was a slight improvement at only 4 hours! 

Whilst we are on the subject of creativity – my lime green binding arrived and, whilst I haven’t finished applying it, I think it was the right colour choice now! Phew!

And before anybody asks they are genuine quilting tools there – I’ve not stolen my niece’s hair grips! 

 There is a good chance that I’ll get to go to Copenhagen early in the new year as Nathan is travelling out there for work. Dead excited! Especially after seeing that episode of Coast that was filmed in Denmark (did anybody else see that?! I’m fascinated by this concept of “hygge”!) 

Much more to tell – plans, craft projects, places we’ve been or are planning to go – but that will all have to wait for now, I’m afraid. The fire needs lighting, the dinner needs cooking and I’ve got a tin of Annie Sloan paint to go and dig out of a box! 


More Soon

MR x 


2 thoughts on “In which we get Magpie fever…

  1. Zola says:

    Love love LOVE your stool. Want to see the after pic. So good to chat the other day. Feel like you’re round the corner again:-) If only you could come and help me recover my “new” vintage chair. I may copy your Xmas cake design as I have two to make in the next week. How do you cut the bottom icing edge so straight? The knife dragged the edges last year? Answer please Nigel -laxx

  2. Found your blog via Platform 22’s fb page. Welcome to Aberdeenshire! I was tempted by those two green stools in the Magpie (used to be called the Boxroom) but feared my family would crack up if I brought home yet more furniture to squeeze into our similarly diminutive cottage. The Sew Room in Alford (nice fabric) stocks Annie Sloan paint by the way, as does Rustiques at Milton of Crathes.

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