In which we…. Oh BAH HUMBUG!

Knowing what a big child Nathan is, I should have realised that taking him to the Winter Wonderland of garden centres was going to be a massive mistake! Apparently they do Christmas in a big way up here – ya think?!

I’m sure you can spot my wally enjoying himself amongst the displays…


It just went on and on and on and on… (the stupidity AND the decorations!)




And STILL it went on! I actually got bored of taking pictures in the end, but there was still the tree, lights and tartan sections left by this point! 

And the result of this unrestrained festive cheer? I’ve now got this bloody thing in my living room…

And these twirling all the way up my stairs…


I mean, come on! It’s not even December yet! I’m actually embarrassed! Nathan wanted to put lights in the window too! Lights! In the window! On November 29th! What for? To advertise the fact that a total lunatic lives here, I presume. Honestly… 

I did threaten to dig out my Whitney Houston Christmas Album and that, for a while at least, seems to have tempered his untimely festive cheer…

Not an awful lot else has happened in the last few days. We did go for another nice walk this morning. 


The two pictures above probably don’t look like an awful lot as they are – it was a damp and grey morning today. However, I think they may be the nicest view in all of Aberdeenshire when the weather is different – I just wish the pictures did it justice. The first time I came here I found a fallen tree trunk away from the footpath and climbed up and sat down for a few moments to enjoy the scene before me. That day the sky was deep azure blue, without a single cloud, and the valley rolled away from me before cresting into waves of dark green pines and the lime greens and yellows of the other trees that intersperse them. All around me dark rust coloured ferns rustled in the breeze, punctuated only by the shining slivers of beech tree that rose up here and there.  That was the first day that I really managed to take a moment, alone save for the dogs, to reflect on the huge shift in direction our lives had taken. It was also the first day in months that I’d felt relaxed…. Nice memory…. I was probably so chuffed with myself because, being Mr Sociable, I realised that I was about as far from other people as I could get!

We also discovered ‘Magpie’ today, but more about that another time…


MR xxx 


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