In which we buy more vintage…

So admittedly my posts have had rather a shopping focus recently, but who doesn’t love new things? Spent the weekend near  Nairn with Nathan’s mum (and the man himself, of course!) and had great fun. Between feeding the sheep (the ram decided to butt me once, but after a hysterical ‘no’ bellowed from the depths of my lungs he seemed to back off!), playing with the rabbits, investigating the cattery and walking all 5 dogs we did manage to find time for some things that didn’t involve animals! I spent Saturday snuggled inside the studio using one of the sewing machines to start putting together a cathedral window quilt (google it if you’ve not heard of them before! I hadn’t until a couple of years ago,  but they are really different.) whilst Nathan’s mum was zip-zapping back and forth on her knitting machine….. Later we got more than a little tipsy on white lady cocktails! Have you ever had one? They are delicious! Its equal measures of gin, sugar syrup, lemon juice and cointreau…. Very sweet and you don’t notice the alcohol content until you get that numbed face feeling and begin to mix up your words! 


The highlight of the weekend, however, was another trip to Auldearn Antiques. I love this place so much! It’s been just a couple of weeks since we were last there and yet it seems as though ALL of the stock has changed over…. I was very restrained this time (well, Nathan didn’t tag along and I was dreading one of those ‘What the hell did you buy that for?’ conversations when I turned up with some random piece that tickled my fancy, or another mirror for my collection!). I made just a few purchases, but felt desperately smug as I loaded the car! More vintage linens for the collection:

And this god-awful ottoman! 

Now I know that this lurid pink and gold is enough to put most people off, but storage for us at Wagglehead is quite tight, more so upstairs because the bedrooms are built into the eaves and therefore standard furniture will not fit against a wall. This is the perfect height and will make a great laundry basket once I’ve re-covered it and changed the colour of the paint! I’ve already ordered a gorgeous slate blue spray paint and I’ve some very tasty french linen with a period swallow print on it for the top (fingers crossed I have enough when I dig it out) I’ll post pictures as it is completed…

The weather is warning that the first flurries of snow may arrive here tonight – perfect timing then for our boiler to pack up! If we didn’t have these two log burners then we’d be living in my car with the heating on full! The engineer can’t get here for days either! Brrrrrrrilliant…

A short post today, but more tommorow – I may even share my first recipe with you all! Oh the excitement, I know! You won’t sleep tonight, will you?! 

MR x x x 


One thought on “In which we buy more vintage…

  1. Zola says:

    I cannot believe that you have sustained happiness for longer than a week;-) you have thoroughly immersed yourself in your new life which is fantastic news. Love the laundry box – sure it will look amazing. I have a question for you. Getting a new woodburner for the extension (yes we got permission so will have somewhere for you to come and stay).

    Do you think powder blue will be a mistake? Or should I go with cream? Thinking powder blue on my slate floor will look lush. What you say?! x

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