In which it occurs to me…

…that now the dogs no longer sleep in our room (our stairs are practically vertical and dogs can’t climb ladders!) there is no reason to have my quilts hidden away through fear of muddy paw prints and slobber! I’m actually not completely happy with this one – it was the first project I worked on after a very twee, very pastel lap quilt and this riot of colour was my rebound! Great at the time, but not sure I wouldn’t prefer something a bit more tame for every day! 

Check out my vintage suitcase though that i’m currently using as a bedside table! Love it! Two quid from the stall of some hippy at a vintage fair in Brighton back in the summer… 

The quilt is all hand quilted in red cotton in a very simple design of alternating squares with wide border. 

Luckily Nathan loves it. I just hope I haven’t invested that many hours of work into something that induces migraines! Honestly – orange? What was I thinking?! 

In keeping with the quilting theme, I discovered a new magazine this week that is right up my alley! 

 Of course, I got nothing more than a solitary raised eyebrow and a scowl when I told Nathan that I was going to subscribe. 

Stick with me if you need tips on getting yourself divorced! 

In other news – I made my first loaf of bread from scratch to accompany my first soup! And it was edible! Nathan tells me that Scotland is ‘teaching me life skills’….. Now I’VE got a raised eyebrow….

Off to the in-laws tomorrow for a long weekend which means another trip to Auldearn Antiques! So excited!

MR x x x


One thought on “In which it occurs to me…

  1. Zola says:

    That’s my favourite quilt of yours- the colours make you feel warm even on a freezing cold night. I’m glad you pointed out that next to your bed was a vintage suitcase – thought it was a huge stereo!! Ha Ha. Ok, so you are now officially renamed Nigella McGoddess. Love your blog posts – I feel like you’re still just around the corner…..xx

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