In which we score some Clarice Cliff…

Well…. Almost! Imagine my excitement when I discovered the Deco Dance fabric range from Fabric Freedom, which is modelled on Cliff’s style of painting…

However, imagine my disappointment when I realised that I had well and truly ‘missed the boat’ on this one and that the rest of the world had been busily buying up every last shred of this cotton-based miracle before I even cottoned on (geddit?!) to it’s existence! Not one to be so easily thwarted, I spent an entire evening online and managed to find one retailer in the USA with a few half-meters and fat qtrs left. Not sure it will be enough to replicate this quilt, but I’ll have fun designing something similar… And this one will be all for me, folks! No sales here! I’d have my entire house kitted out in this print if I could! Curtains, armchairs, soft furnishings, pyjamas… The lot! 

I’m working on another crafty project at the moment – a little bit of crochet here, a little bit of ‘upcycling’ there. More on this one later! 

To finish my previous post – our visit to Stonehaven was very pleasant. The main town isn’t exactly picturesque, though I guess it depends on what you are comparing it to (pitted against Slough it was the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven). It had an odd assortment of shops too – an amusement arcade, a ‘nickle and dime’ store and a ‘Toymaster’ to name a few. Felt a bit like the 80s arrived and never left again… BUT, the moment we got toward the harbour the whole feel of the place changed, as you can see below:

After lunching in one of the inns fronting the harbour (homemade tomato and roasted red pepper soup!) we took a clifftop walk for a mile and a half toward Dunnotar Castle and enjoyed spectacular views and brilliant sunshine. (Slightly concerned about the weather here actually – all the while we’re being lulled into a false sense of security with this mild late autumn weather. On Friday our neighbour was telling us about the time when she opened her back door to be faced with a wall of snow as high as her! It’s going to be one hell of a shock when we get to that stage!) As you can see – the coastal path was stunning and could easily have been mistaken for Cornwall or somewhere similar…


Rather random were these huge cows that were wedged onto a triangle of grass hallfway up a hill! They really tickled me for some reason, packed together like that while there was field upon field of empty space for as far as they eye could see…

All in all – a great day and would deffo pay another visit. 

More soon


MR xxx



3 thoughts on “In which we score some Clarice Cliff…

  1. Auntie wino says:

    Hi Mark

    So enjoying reading your blog, great to see you all looking so happy and relaxed, sadly working life in Slough not like that! Bex and myself are going to sort out dates to come visit next year, can’t wait to sample the hospitality and see the views for myself. By the way, make sure you have a roaring log fire on the go, I can see me now sitting in front of it with a large glass of single malt, followed of course by some red wine!!

    Love and hugs xxx

  2. geoff says:

    All of Ericsson HR/Payroll are wondering what has happened with Nathan!!!!! Is he under the patio wrapped in one of your quilts?????

    • Hi Geoff!

      What did you want to know about Nathan and I’ll see if I can get a new post put together?!

      He’s around, but working hard as ever!

      Unfortunately I can’t put much of an update out there concerning his career as I still, after ten years, have no idea what he does!

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