In which we learn social skills…

So, having met some more lovely crafty people at an ‘Exclusively Highlands‘ event at Crathes castle my creative drive was well and truly in gear! 

When we got back I wasted no time in foraging through boxes to remind myself of all the UFO’s I had (that’s unfinished objects, before anyone thinks I’ve turned into a trekkie!). And voila! I found this beauty! Having already pieced the top, all I needed was a few hours to finish hand quilting to get it to this stage:

And the back:


Really pleased with how well this simple design works. I’ve used a much thicker wadding than I normally would have on this one with some surprising results. Hand quilting tram lines on every other stripe has caused the stitched ones to recede, whilst untouched stripes come to the fore. I like it – it gives the design a lot more depth without actually having to sew anything differently. It’s kinda like corrugated metal sheets! Only prettier! The other bonus with this different wadding is that the quilt seems much more ‘padded’, like an old fashioned eiderdown. Much tougher to work with though, so not sure how quickly I would go for it again. 

These pictures look ok, until you see the edges of the quilt! Have to spend this afternoon trimming up and then choose a binding to finish. Trouble is – which colour?! 

Got loads of ideas for cushions at the moment too – I did say it was going to be a bit of a crafting marathon these next few weeks, so apologies to those of you who tune in for other things! 

Made a new friend at the craft fair I mentioned earlier! Karen makes handmade teddy bears and is seriously talented. We got chatting as her stock replenishments arrived (all bears caught by hand so i’m told) and we’re going to meet for coffee next week! Get me being uber sociable! I think I’ve mastered removing the scowl from my face and that, apparently, makes me much more approachable! Who knew?! Nathan has requested my presence at some work ‘do’ in a few weeks in honour of meeting his team from Copenhagen! I think I’ll try out my new ‘social butterfly’ routine again then! Hell – maybe this year I’ll have a complete personality transplant and actually send some Christmas cards! It’s a revolution, people! 

MR xxx 






One thought on “In which we learn social skills…

  1. Zola says:

    You do make me laugh! And I’m so missing our laughs. I am loving your new blog and hearing about your adventures. I definitely hear a stall coming on in the craft market – you’ll fill it in no time at this rate. You sound so happy so it must have the right move hey? Do you think you could sound like you miss us just a little bit? Probably not as you’ve moved on to NEW friends;-) Cheek.

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