In which we discover Platform 22…

Now I know everybody is getting a little sick and tired of my gloating over our new rural existence, but I have to tell you about another glorious day we’ve enjoyed here in Aberdeenshire. 

We woke early to an unexpected visitor. In a true reflection of the differences in our outlook I dashed straight for the camera, while Nathan threatened to get a roasting tin…

We took the dogs for their early morning walk and enjoyed an hour crunching over frosted leaves. I wore my extremely attractive fur trapper hat for the first time, much to Nathan’s disgust! Still, I was warm and cosy while I collected pine cones to dry out and burn on the fire. 

Once the dogs were suitably exhausted we took a short drive over to Torphins and here discovered what will probably be my new ‘home from home’. Platform 22 is a delightful pottery and coffee house run by the talented (and equally delightful) Emma. We closed the door behind us, shutting out a wet and blustery afternoon, and were immediately welcomed into warm, colourful (can I use the word ‘delightful’ again?! It really does seem the most fitting!) space. Easy listening music played in the background while Emma cheerfully served lunch to her customers. We were given a comfortable booth along the back wall from where we enjoyed a relaxed lunch of hot paninis and homemade salads accompanied by fantastic coffee (I’ve always been a bit of a coffe snob, believing that only Starbucks served a Vanilla Latte the way I really like. The coffee at Platform 22, however, really was excellent!) After eating we browsed Emma’s extensive collection of pottery. Many of her products feature the owl design that you can see in the photo’s below – Nathan was particularly taken with these! I rather liked the chickens myself! 

What I loved about Platform 22, aside from the good food, great coffee and unusual shopping experience, is the fact that it was like a little community centre! Emma obviously has regular customers and it was a real pleasure to watch her happily chatting away with them. I guess this seems like such a novelty because we are so used to London, where you never really get beyond being just another nameless face in a queue. Beyond this, though, Platform 22 had an extensive collection of local literature featuring flyers and brochures from organisations, local crafts people, markets, attractions etc. It gave us a really useful insight into the area and Emma was very helpful in giving us more detail about things like where we could get our hands on fresh produce. She also told us that they run a weekly market on a Wednesday and that there are opportunities to take a stall! All exciting stuff! I do believe Mothers Ruin may be making an appearance! With a great atmosphere and Wifi available, I suspect many future blog posts will be published from the sanctuary of Platform 22! To find out more, or to treat yourself to any of Emma’s work, visit 

In other news – we’ve discovered that every other Friday our local community centre runs a cinema! I can’t wait to go – going to be a liitle different to what we’re used to but that’s the attraction! 

We’re also talking about taking Tai Chi classes – just throwing that out there, no need to comment or mock! 

My new Mothers Ruin business cards have arrived – just in time for the christmas craft fair season. There seem to be plenty to choose from so will be going on a bit of a ‘making marathon’ for the next few weeks! 

 And with allsorts of crafty plans and prep to make I’ll leave you with this picture of Archie who decided he would help us keep up the pace of the unpacking in his own not-so-helpful way…


2 thoughts on “In which we discover Platform 22…

  1. Zola says:

    I don’t what I was most shocked about:- the fact you went to Platform 22 WITHOUT me or the fact you were considering Tai Chi. TAI CHI – you really have lost the plot. I defy you to go to a session….and not think of me laughing my little handknitted socks off;-) Dare you to keep a straight face! Knew that Platform 22 would be your new home. How’s Nathan’s job going? x

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