In which we find treasure…

Having had no luck at Tower Workshop earlier this week, yesterday we decided to take a trip to Auldearn Antiques. It was a 90 minute journey, door to door, but didnt feel anywhere near that as the roads looked like this (and yes, I did stop the car just so that I could take a photo to show you all!): Journey The shop itself is based in an old church that has been gutted, but remains dry and well lit. The couple who run the business live in a beautiful farmhouse off to the left hand side and in the adjoining barns they have established additional space with two workshops, a small room with more unusual or ‘fine’ antiques, general bric and brac, a ‘fifty pence only’ cupboard and all spread across three sides of a lovely courtyard space. One of the best parts of shopping here is that you have to go into the farmhouse kitchen to pay and it’s great fun pretending to be all business-like and money minded while your eyes are actually greedily roaming over the tall cabinets stuffed full of Carlton Ware and similar goodies! Auldearn   Antiques   Antique2   Antique 3 As with all vintage shopping half the fun is in the searching, not just the finding! Indeed, you can spend a good few hours in this place, especially if, like me, you’re a fan of vintage textiles. As is also typical – the one time I went entirely organised with lists, measurements etc I didn’t find what I was looking for, but a whole heap of different stuff instead! So, without further ado this is the treasure we found…. A companion set. Actually not vintage, but very much needed right now and fairly good quality… Comp set   A pan for the top of our log burner. Well – that was the intended use, but I think it’s slightly on the big size, so now I’m imagining it chock full of hyacinths, moss and lichen. Pan   A black metal box. Again – a couple of potential uses for this baby! Will probably refresh the paint and line with a nice vintage style paper and then use for shoe storage by the front door. Box A coal scuttle. Again, not very exciting but necessary! We’ve discovered that the open fite in the lounge gives off far more heat if coal is used Instead of logs. Another clean and paint refresh needed – I just LOVE finding myself extra work to do! Scuttle   On to THE FIND of the day! Introducing our new dinner service! Unmarked so not sure of the maker, but how gorgeous is this?! We rarely reach a unanimous decision in the Mothers Ruin household, but this time it was a resounding ‘YES’ from all! image   DS2   Ds display   No time to dawdle! We’ve more loot to show! In fact, rather a lot so I’m going to whizz through the next few…

Vintage real fur collar. Fur Doily and polka-dot handkerchief. The doily will soon be adorning a handsewn circular cushion and the handkerchief? Well, why not?! Doily Vintage linen napkins. Set of four. Hand embroidered. Two quid. Need I say more? Napkin   Napkins 4 Now many of you will know that I make a lot of patchwork quilts, so I’ve been starting a collection of vintage tray cloths from which I intend to make a new quilt. More on this project soon. These are the latest additions to my stash: Vintage tray cloths   Linen close up

And finally an old wool blanket and a couple of vintage cotton sheets. These will always come in handy! I’d intended to write a lot more today, but all these photos take forever, so ‘ta-ta’ for now.Old cotton sheets


5 thoughts on “In which we find treasure…

  1. bex says:

    Mark don’t tell me you didn’t buy that mirror you’ve let me down?
    Looks like a day out when we come to stay providing you don’t wear that dead animal

  2. Zola says:

    Nah, love you really but did you have to show all your vintage finds? I am green with envy. Loving the new art deco dinner service. I’m off to an arts and crafts style house tomorrow that my friends have just bought. The old lady that lived there left loads of stuff that they were going to just through away. I’ve asked to have a scout round first.

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