In which we meet royalty…

Gradually getting through the boxes it has become apparent that storage was going to be pretty much the only issue with Wagglehead Cottage, so not one to miss an opportunity for VINTAGE SHOPPING a quick Google search threw up the Tower Workshop in Tarland (a whopping 13 minute drive away!) and off we toddled in search of goodies…. 

And goodies there were! Unfortunately – there is one fatal flaw in the plan here! This area is extremely affluent and packed full of the wives of rich oil merchants with nothing better to do all day than sit in the local tea rooms or shop! Thus – antiques centre = very pricey! We didn’t get to see the full extent of stock as they’d just packed a lorry up with tonnes of stuff to move to the Edinburgh shop. Still – it was an enjoyable way to spend an hour and gave me a few interior design based daydreams…. Indeed – I’m pretty convinced that padded tartan walls are the way forward:

MORE exciting, though, was what happened as we left. We’d been the only people in the place upon arrival, but as we left another young couple rounded the corner and walked toward the entrance. She was laughing, hair tied back, in jeans and a navy gilet… He was a little more serious, in jeans again and a pale green t-shirt…. I smiled and my lips formed the necessary oval to chirp ‘good morning’ before my jaw dropped, widening the oval into a full-on void in the middle of my face! The couple I was casually greeting were none other than Prince William and Kate Middleton! Now I’m not particularly fussed about the Royal family, but even I was taken aback! The car seat in the Land Rover parked next to mine belonged to the Royal Heir!!! Err….Hello? Surreal? Just hours before I’d been ripping pictures of their faces up (who needs a newspaper issued collectors edition magazine covering the christening?) and shoving them into the fire!

Now, of course, catching reality back up I was all up for dashing back in and taking a few snaps (the one time I actually had a camera with me too!) but with Nathan being his usual killyjoy self and the two suited bodyguards waiting in yet another Land Rover beside us I had to resign myself to the fact that I’d just met two members of the Royal Family and uttered nothing more profound than “Good Morning”…. Exciting nonetheless, no?! 

Later, we decided to take a walk across the bridge to Aboyne and try a local pub out for lunch…


Aboyne itself is very picturesque, even away from the riverside. There are some lovely gift shops, a few offices, chip shop, tea rooms and coffee shop, convenience stores, a bank and an abundance of hair and beauty salons (see previous comment about the wives of rich oil merchants!)… This is the village green, up toward the church… 

We’re planning a trip to Auldearn Antiques later in the week now as we’ve been several times before on previous visits to Scotland and know that the prices are much more realistic! 

More soon

MR x  


5 thoughts on “In which we meet royalty…

  1. Zola says:

    You look so incredibly happy – even though you haven’t seen me in over a week. Bloody cheek;-) Sure you’ve forgotten all about us now that you are mixing with ROYALTY dahhhhling! How amazing was that!?? Get you Jimmy (said in my best scottish accent). Looking forward to coming to see you – going to keep an eye on tickets. Can you text me your new address please xx

  2. bex says:

    Yes im with Zola on this one! whats with all the smiles away from us lovely ladies!
    I haven’t smiled since you announced you were leaving your big sis behind
    Very nice to see you happy it all looks lovely looking forward to seeing you soon
    Miss you sooo much xx xx

  3. Marie says:

    Seriously every time I read this blog I get more depressed…. Remind me what is the point again?!? To update us or to rub it in????
    Miss you loads!!! Xxxx

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