In which we start to explore…

Took the pooches for their first proper walk today. We’ve already taken them through Birse and onto the big bridge that stretches over the River Dee toward Aboyne, but with the trees putting on a sensational show of acid yellow and copper against a background of deep gum green conifers we decided that a forest walk was preferable to remaining in the village. About ten minutes away is a clearing with plenty of parking and several forest tracks to choose from, so we loaded the dogs into the car and took a drive over. 

The dogs were in their element! I guess even the ground smells different here as we had a good hour with snouts pressed earnestly against the path and tails wagging furiously. We didn’t investigate too closely, but there is another opening from the car park that takes you right down to the river edge. Looks gorgeous, especially with the brooding clouds and tannin soaked water which makes the river look like a bubbling torrent of tea.Makes you feel like you have stepped into an old sepia photograph. 

After dashing into Banchory to pick up some supplies from Tesco, Nathan cracked on with baking a cake to give to our neighbours. They were very helpful during our first couple of days here and even came over with a big pile of logs as a welcome present to help us get warm and toasty on our first day. Totally different experience, really – they already knew our names and ‘back story’ from our landlady and wasted no time in introducing themselves. Think it will take a while to train myself out of the London mindset – so used to pretending that we didn’t have neighbours and trying to ignore them when we did happen to cross paths that this all feels quite alien! Nice, though…. 

Anyhow, the chicken is in the oven and we’ve one tired dog snoozing here…


Whilst the other is bugging us to light another fire for her here…. (Note the glass of champagne! We were given so many special bottles of booze before leaving London that I’ve spent most of our first few days feeling delightfully numb! Nathan’s never seen me so chilled!) Bliss! Just how a Sunday should be used.



Needless to say, we are settling nicely and have both taken great pleasure in waving our arms around every 20 minutes whilst exclaiming “I live here!


3 thoughts on “In which we start to explore…

  1. Zola says:

    Looks like you’ve settled in straight away! Recognise that beautiful frame and picture above the fire place. Chin chin my love!

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