In which we finally arrive

So, it nearly killed me, but we’re finally here! And pretty damn wonderful it is too! 

The move itself was a marathon of endurance, really. It kinda went like this…

8am – Wake early. Get ready. 

9am – Arrive at work, now a ‘non employee’. Say goodbye to friends and dogs. Cry lots.

10am – Home. Start to load the van.

10.15am – Drop the sofa

10.16am – Drop the sofa again. 

11.00am – Run (ok, ok, so I didn’t RUN exactly) up and downstairs with boxes, forming a sort of chain gang with the others.

1pm until 3pm – Jump around like feet on fire, waving arms and cringing whilst shouting “Careful! That’s vintage! They dont make glass like that anymore!” 

3.30pm – Walk around old house for 30 minutes shaking head at the dust and dirt that has been lurking beneath the fridge etc

4pm until 6pm – Spend two arse-achingly boring hours sitting around on the floor waiting for hubby to get home from work… No TV, no music, no mood for conversation. Four blank walls, one painful bottom…

7pm until 9pm – Stuff ourselves stupid with curry, ignoring advice from stepfather that eating too much would make us sleepy during the long drive ahead. Pointed out that ‘if too much food made me sleepy I’d never wake up’

9pm through to 7am – Drive. In a convoy. Dog whining. Cat crying. Hubby making poor jokes. 10 hrs. 

Say no more….

All was forgotten, however, when we arrived here…


And the view from the end of our driveway? Well… It’s a bit of an improvement on what we’ve been used to. No more the bright red H25 bus service into Hounslow, no longer the hoards of chavtastics scooting around on stolen bikes, gone are the bashed and beaten garage doors painted in best ‘council blue’…. And instead?

To the left….



And to the right…


More to follow, but for now there are a million and one boxes with my name on them – literally! 


3 thoughts on “In which we finally arrive

  1. Zola says:

    Sounds blissful and we miss you so much already! What a view. Will be keeping a regular check on the blog and look forward to visiting soon. Z xxx

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