In which I explain why we’re all here….

So, after a particularly lengthy hiatus from the blogging world Mothers Ruin (that’d be me for those of you that don’t know!) is back with Tales from Mothers Ruin.

Why? Well, quite simply because I have lots to share! Following a rather stagnant patch in the MR household we are now set to relocate to the sunny (optimistic much?) Scottish Highlands! Thus this new blog will serve a dual purpose – to keep friends and family informed on the progress of our relocation, and to share all of our crafting, baking and vintage shopping experiences with any other readers out there who fancy coming along for the journey. Having spent the last ten years dabbling in everything from sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, upcycling and upholstery (not to mention the arrival of the hallowed KitchenAid) there is sure to be something to interest anybody with a creative streak!

OK – everybody up to speed? Know why we’re all here?

Then I’ll begin….


3 thoughts on “In which I explain why we’re all here….

  1. Loving the look of your site Mark! That logo sure looks dandy at the top there, I feel so proud to have been a part of your creative venture. Wishing the three of you well in your new home and what a fine looking home it is too! Big hugs guys!

    Slinky xx

  2. bex says:

    oh you nothing wrong with those blue garage doors and chavtastics!
    Some of us are still stuck here you know!!!!!!…….and ive only just stopped crying!
    Bex xx

    • Ha ha! Nothing wrong with the council blue really! Did me for 25 years! Hope all is still going well with the new job. I expect you to book a flight soon with Jarman and come for a girlie weekend!

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